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This month, err, um, last month, has been a whirlwind and I have so much to tell you. But where to start? Wow. Ok.

     I think I last posted sometime in October. Well I have been insanely busy and God has been insanely good!! (Well, God is always good).

     In the middle of November was my production week for my play. That was a very stressful and intense week and it was truly God who brought me through it.

      First of all, I was really stressed out about my show at the end of the week. I was desperately trying to stay healthy through it and praise God I didn't get sick!!

     Then my dog almost died. At two in the morning on Monday night, November 16, (well technically Tuesday) Charlie started having a seizure and my parents called the vet. Then after it was over he was fine for the rest of the night. (I was asleep through all of it).

     Tuesday morning my dad took Charlie to the vet. We didn't notice that Charlie was gone and I guess we assumed that he was sleepi…

Today (and yesterday and the day before)

Today was a very productive day I felt like. I got up early, got exercise, busted out a bunch of schoolwork before I went to theater class and we did great at theater. When I got home.......welllll......I ate a lot of chocolate chips....and messed around.......and listened to music.... But once I settled down and finished school, it went well. 
      Well there was the overview of my day. In more depth, well let's first talk about chocolate chips. I live on chocolate chips. 
      When I'm older and some guy wants to date me he really should bribe me with chocolate chips. You know how guys get girls super fancy chocolate? Well that's nice for some girls but chocolate chips would suffice for me. 
      Not to say that fancy chocolate is bad. Cuz it's good. Can you tell I really like chocolate? #thatshowteenagegirlsstayalive I'm dramatic, I know.
     Which brings us to drama class. (I'm great at transitions, I know ((if I could I would put a smily-face-wit…


Did you enjoy my awkward story last time? As Rhett and Link would say, "Don't let your awkward moments haunt you, celebrate them." 
      Last night some friends and I got together at my house and celebrated fall. We had a LOT of fun. 

      I'm so thankful for the friend that God gave me. I literally cannot express to you how much they mean to me. Good friends like what I have are a HUGE blessing and I recognize that it is God who orchestrates friendships and putting people in my life.
      How am I even supposed to express my love for the people in my life? I have the most amazing church family. A time that really stands out to me about how amazing they are is the day my cousin died. 
     I was broken. Crushed. Mason died on a Sunday morning and we received the news about 8:00 a.m. So I was really upset when I went to church. As I walked up to the church I took a deep breath, wiped my eyes, and tried not to cry. I hardly walked a couple of feet in the build…

Deep, Dark Secrets?

I told my mom that most of my blog contains posts that say "I haven't posted in a while" or "I'm obsessed with music" or "I'm tired" .

     She responded by asking me what I would like to read if I was reading the blog of another girl my age. Well of course I would want to read all of her juiciest, deepest, darkest secrets. (I just love deep, dark secrets. Mwahahahahahahaha).

     That's what I'd like to read and I'm sure you all would too. But no, I'm not putting out all of my secrets on the world wide web. And besides, most of my readers are probably people I know so that's awkward. And my mom previews all my posts before I post them so again, even more awkward.

    Oh yes, something funny to talk about. Awkward. If you were to ask one of my close friends what my favorite word (or the word I say the most) they would, beyond a shadow of a doubt, say awkward. When I'm with my friends, I say awkward a lot. I'm i…

This Is For Real

This is for real. I think. So far. Maybe I can actually really be back for good.

     So…….hi:) Yeah. Ok Grace, you can do this.

     After that intensely boring intro I can finally begin. When did I last write besides a little earlier this week?

     So I told you about my vacation mishap. Oh and my summer was insanely boring. But despite that, life is good. God is good. Well, God is always good no matter what!

     So I changed my instagram account from @_bookworms_unite to @quotes_in.spire_ so now it's inspiring quotes, song lines, etc. (Be sure to go and follow -> ).

      Tonight our neighborhood is holding a movie night at the park. Let's just hope I don't get devoured alive by whatever mosquitos remain. I'm a real attraction to mosquitos but I'm sure you weren't dying to know that.

     Oh I started going to youth group in March. Actually it's tomorrow night so that should be fun. My friend baked these amazing looking cupcakes for tomorrow so…

It's me again

No, I haven't disappeared forever. I know, I know, you're all thinking, "What happened to her blog? That was short lived." Yeah it kinda was. But hey, I'm back.

     What have I been up to these past months and months since I've been inactive? Oh where do I start.

     Well, I started 8th grade. But that was a couple months ago. Actually today I started Algebra 1. Gulp. I've been really busy with school and I don't have as much time as I used to.

      Backing up to a couple of months ago in July, my family and I vacationed in another state. It was breathtaking and beautiful. No literally, it was breathtaking. On that trip I got so sick you guys, I cannot  even relay to you the depth of my illness. It was the worst I've been sick all year.

      On the evening of the first day of our trip I had a headache.

     The next morning I felt ok at first but as the morning progressed I felt kinda stomach sick. We had another six hours or so of drivin…


So, I really need to 'ketchup' on this blog. (Btw: that was like the stupidest title ever :P)

Our kitchen is finally finished. Sadly for you, I am too lazy to bother to mess with trying to uploading it. But it is really amazing.

Happy late Easter! Ya, I was like two weeks ago but we can always celebrate that HE IS RISEN!

A week ago I went to my grandma's house and we got to see her new room she added on to her house that her and I have been keeping a secret since Christmas.

And, life is going good.

Just for fun I have added a video of myself from 2005.

Quiz Results

Thank you to the one person who actually guessed my quiz. Basically I realize this quiz was a fail but whatever.

Here are the answers:

1. Olive Garden

2. The oldest

3. Colorado, California, Nebraska

4. False

5. Candy Crush

6. Choleric

7. Concealer, powder, Mascara

8. Purple

9. 5 foot 2 3/4 inch

10. True

Peace and Hair Grease people (>-)

Wow I'm Back on Planet Earth

Yo I know you thought I went to outer space but it was a brief visit. In other words, I'm back. Ya sorry. I know.

I'm not going to give a synopsis of my entire visit to outer space but here are a few awesome things currently and while I was gone:

-Right now I'm listening to Dangerous by Group 1 Crew!
-On Sunday I volunteered at an AMAZING concert! Group 1 Crew, I am They, Jamie Grace, Matt Maher, David Crowder, Tedashi, Jon Guerra, and Mercyme played! It was amazingly fun
-Now I'm listening to The Last Goodbye (waaaaaaa!!!) from the Hobbit: the Battle of the Five Armies
-I READ THE REALLY AMAZING PART IN LOTR WHEN....oh wait I better not spoil but my fellow Tolkienites will know what I'm talking about. Midway through The Return of the King, ya ya'll are silently partying with me
- I have been VERY Christian music obsessed lately. I listen to Air1 like all day! 89.9 baby!
-Now I'm listening to He Knows by Jeremy Camp
-Half this time I'm trying to find my…

Spring Break (BOing)

Happy Spring Break to those of you who get it. Then again if you are homeschooled it may be a different story. Today I get the day off but I might have to do school the rest of the week (ok everyone you can stop sobbing for me now).

So I guess you could cal this a three-day weekend.

Okay well here's my weekend:
(if you hate it when I talk about my weekend every single Monday then forgive me).

Saturday was pretty fun. Our church was having a marriage conference so we had my brother's friend over for the day. (please note: for the safety sake of others I will not use actual names). Let's just call him "B". The morning was actually pretty boring. But we did have pancakes and bacon. Towards lunchtime we played Life but it got soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

IHOP or not

Yesterday was National Pancake Day.

 Did we eat pancakes? We had all intentions to. My dad was gonna take us to IHOP for dinner with some friends and their dad while the moms went to Bible study.

But of course it was National Pancake Day and the nation wanted to get free pancakes at IHOP and we wanted them too but...we weren't gonna wait in line for an hour.

So we went to a fun pizza place instead and got pizza and ICE CREAM.

Maybe next year we'll go super early and get free pancakes next year but hey, we could just say that we had a pizza flavored pancake for National Pancake Day.

Ok, I know that was super duper boring.

BUT, I do have a way of being dramatic with a simple story.


Oh wow............

March 2nd?

So...happy March!! Today we have rain!!!!

It's the kind of day where I feel like I should snuggle up with coffee (or tea) and nibble chocolate chips. But since we don't have chocolate chips (I don't think...) and my mom probably won't let me have coffee then well, scrap that IDEA.

I am considering if I have enough energy to make myself some tea.

Let's see, synopses of my weekend:

Friday night: watched Courageous with my dad. No, I didn't cry.

Saturday: Saturday sluggishness in the morning and a basketball game in the afternoon. My brothers' teams faced each other (brother war!). More sluggishness. (Hey, some of my family was sick so our excuse is legit. Well, I wasn't sick but I was lazy and oh nevermind, who says I can't be lazy on the weekend?) Oh, and I read some of the Two Towers from LOTR before bed.

Sunday: Got up super early as usual on Sundays. Went to church and enjoyed an awesome new song (You Make Me Brave). After church service we had ou…

Five Months Ago

Five months ago today I was faced with the reality that my life would never be quite the same. My six-year-old cousin Mason unexpectedly died. My heart broke.

He was the happiest kid on earth.

My Wonderful Family

I know, again I am still setting the stage of my life. Maybe someday after 500 posts I will finally talk about current events. But today, you finally get to know about my awesome family. :-)

Yep. That's us. I kind of have an awkward pose but you know what, that's me so deal with it. 
Let's start with Dad. He's super awesome and although he jokes about how he's got one of the nerdiest faces no, he's quite good-looking. He is a hard worker and an even better dad.
See that awesome woman next to my dad. Sorry but I claim her as my mommy. Not yours! I also claim her as my teacher. She's been my schoolteacher since kindergarten and my teacher in life since way before that. She makes really good food too so be sure you invite yourself over on a night when she makes pulled pork in the crockpot. You might not leave cuz you'll probably die of its goodness.
Me. Well I already told you about me.
See that really handsome stud sitting directly next to my dad. Yep I&#…

Quiz About Me

Ok, so before I completely tell you about my whole life and every fact about me (just kidding, not happening) and before you know me too well I'm going to impose upon you a quiz about me. Leave your answers in the comment box. Answers will be given sometime in March ( not promising a specific date).

to make it easier some questions are multiple choice:

1. My favorite restaurant is:
a. On the Border b. Olive Garden c. Paradise Bakery d. McDonalds

2. I am..
a. the oldest b. the youngest c. middle child d. only child

3. My top 3 states to visit are ___, ___, & __ (the size of the spaces has nothing to do with the answer)

4. I hate Mexican food
a. True b. False c. Never had it d. I'm allergic to most Mexican food

5. My favorite video game is
a. Minecraft b. Clash of Clans c. Fruit Ninja d. Candy Crush

6. My personality is mostly ( I'm probably gonna misspell them)
a. Sanguin b. Phlegmatic c. Choleric d. Melancholy

7. I wear..
a. Mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, a…


Just warning you my life can be pretty boring. Ok, enough said. Just kidding just kidding. uhhhhhhhhhhh WHAT SHOULD I SAY ABOUT MYSELF?!?!?!? Alrighty, here goes:

Hi my name is Grace. I'm in Junior High and I love mint Oreos. I have a really, really, Really, REALLY, REALLY awesome and adorable dog named Charlie. Oh and if you must get an A-maZing dog like him he's a goldendoodle (golden retriever + poodle).

(if you've fallen asleep already i apologize)

I'm extremely afraid of tornadoes, and snakes and about a bagillion other things.

I play piano and write and oh yeah: I'M HOMESCHOOLED!!!! (coolest thing ever).

I could go on and on about my marvelous, heroic deeds, but I'd run out of stuff really quickly. So, sorry it's short for now I hope to post again soon.