Today (and yesterday and the day before)

      Today was a very productive day I felt like. I got up early, got exercise, busted out a bunch of schoolwork before I went to theater class and we did great at theater. When I got home.......welllll......I ate a lot of chocolate chips....and messed around.......and listened to music.... But once I settled down and finished school, it went well. 

      Well there was the overview of my day. In more depth, well let's first talk about chocolate chips. I live on chocolate chips. 

      When I'm older and some guy wants to date me he really should bribe me with chocolate chips. You know how guys get girls super fancy chocolate? Well that's nice for some girls but chocolate chips would suffice for me. 

      Not to say that fancy chocolate is bad. Cuz it's good. Can you tell I really like chocolate? #thatshowteenagegirlsstayalive I'm dramatic, I know.

     Which brings us to drama class. (I'm great at transitions, I know ((if I could I would put a smily-face-with-sunglasses-emoji right here)) ). SO, back to what I was saying. Today was theater and as I said in a previous post we're doing Charlotte's Web.

      Today we blocked the end of the show. It was almost sentimental. Ok, maybe I'm the only one who felt that way. 

       It got really feelsy when we blocked the scene where SPOILER ALERT: Charlotte is about to die and Wilbur is saying his last goodbyes to her. I almost wanted to cry. But then the moment was kind of ruined when the kid who played Wilbur had to grab the girl who played Charlotte's hands and he got kind of awkwarded out. Anyway theater was fun today. (Sorry about the theater geek terms).

      I can be good at school. But I have a weakness. Music. SPOTIFY IS KILLLLLIIINNNGG MEEEEEEE!!!! I used to get my school done really quickly but this year I got Spotify and it all went downhill from there. 

       That pretty much concludes this discussion on my day. But about my life.......

       Hmmm...well....between when I last wrote and now. Ok...let's see:

      I had youth group that night. (The night I wrote "Friends"). We learned about the Holy Spirit and it was super awesome!

       On the way home from youth group my friend's mom took a couple of us teens home. One of our conversations was about my dad's feet. Please, just do not ask me to explain that. (Or maybe I will sometime).

      The next day we went to church and then that afternoon some friends came over for homemade ice cream and games. We played pass-around story. It was super fun and by the end of it we were in tears from laughter.

       Yesterday was Monday. And that pretty much sums up that day. We did have our small group and that was fun. 

       Anyway I hope this was interesting.

       Oh wait!!!!! Before I leave I just noticed a bug crawling across the laptop screen and then in about 2.567174832 seconds it flew away.

       That's all.




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