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Five Months Ago

Five months ago today I was faced with the reality that my life would never be quite the same. My six-year-old cousin Mason unexpectedly died. My heart broke.

He was the happiest kid on earth.

My Wonderful Family

I know, again I am still setting the stage of my life. Maybe someday after 500 posts I will finally talk about current events. But today, you finally get to know about my awesome family. :-)

Yep. That's us. I kind of have an awkward pose but you know what, that's me so deal with it. 
Let's start with Dad. He's super awesome and although he jokes about how he's got one of the nerdiest faces no, he's quite good-looking. He is a hard worker and an even better dad.
See that awesome woman next to my dad. Sorry but I claim her as my mommy. Not yours! I also claim her as my teacher. She's been my schoolteacher since kindergarten and my teacher in life since way before that. She makes really good food too so be sure you invite yourself over on a night when she makes pulled pork in the crockpot. You might not leave cuz you'll probably die of its goodness.
Me. Well I already told you about me.
See that really handsome stud sitting directly next to my dad. Yep I&#…

Quiz About Me

Ok, so before I completely tell you about my whole life and every fact about me (just kidding, not happening) and before you know me too well I'm going to impose upon you a quiz about me. Leave your answers in the comment box. Answers will be given sometime in March ( not promising a specific date).

to make it easier some questions are multiple choice:

1. My favorite restaurant is:
a. On the Border b. Olive Garden c. Paradise Bakery d. McDonalds

2. I am..
a. the oldest b. the youngest c. middle child d. only child

3. My top 3 states to visit are ___, ___, & __ (the size of the spaces has nothing to do with the answer)

4. I hate Mexican food
a. True b. False c. Never had it d. I'm allergic to most Mexican food

5. My favorite video game is
a. Minecraft b. Clash of Clans c. Fruit Ninja d. Candy Crush

6. My personality is mostly ( I'm probably gonna misspell them)
a. Sanguin b. Phlegmatic c. Choleric d. Melancholy

7. I wear..
a. Mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, a…


Just warning you my life can be pretty boring. Ok, enough said. Just kidding just kidding. uhhhhhhhhhhh WHAT SHOULD I SAY ABOUT MYSELF?!?!?!? Alrighty, here goes:

Hi my name is Grace. I'm in Junior High and I love mint Oreos. I have a really, really, Really, REALLY, REALLY awesome and adorable dog named Charlie. Oh and if you must get an A-maZing dog like him he's a goldendoodle (golden retriever + poodle).

(if you've fallen asleep already i apologize)

I'm extremely afraid of tornadoes, and snakes and about a bagillion other things.

I play piano and write and oh yeah: I'M HOMESCHOOLED!!!! (coolest thing ever).

I could go on and on about my marvelous, heroic deeds, but I'd run out of stuff really quickly. So, sorry it's short for now I hope to post again soon.