It's me again

     No, I haven't disappeared forever. I know, I know, you're all thinking, "What happened to her blog? That was short lived." Yeah it kinda was. But hey, I'm back.

     What have I been up to these past months and months since I've been inactive? Oh where do I start.

     Well, I started 8th grade. But that was a couple months ago. Actually today I started Algebra 1. Gulp. I've been really busy with school and I don't have as much time as I used to.

      Backing up to a couple of months ago in July, my family and I vacationed in another state. It was breathtaking and beautiful. No literally, it was breathtaking. On that trip I got so sick you guys, I cannot  even relay to you the depth of my illness. It was the worst I've been sick all year.

      On the evening of the first day of our trip I had a headache.

     The next morning I felt ok at first but as the morning progressed I felt kinda stomach sick. We had another six hours or so of driving that day so that was not fun. I spent pretty much the entire car ride feeling like I was going to puke. When we got to our destination, I was miserable.

      The next day I felt pretty cruddy. I still was feverish, my stomach was a little better, and my throat was now hurting.

       The following day I felt pretty good so I actually went on a hike. It rained. We got soaked. I overdid it. Oops. Yeah….

      The next day I was still sick but feeling okay. We had another six hour drive back to where we were staying with my grandma and grandpa. That night I felt horrible.

      The next morning was even worse. My throat hurt so bad. I cannot even express my deep pain. Oh, to you who is reading this, my throat and my sickness made me cry. I was so miserable.

     So, my kind mom and and grandma drove me to another town to Urgent Care an hour away where we had a three hour delay. The doc gave me meds, saying I maybe had strep.

       The rest of the trip I was still sick but I improved a bit by the end. I found out that I had also had croup. Here ends my tragic vacation story.

      Switching to happier subjects, this semester I am in theater. We are going to be performing Charlotte's Web on November 20 and 21. It's been a lot of fun. I am playing the character Edith Zuckerman. Not my first choice, but I'm making the best of it and now I even enjoy it.

     I am learning Spanish and I think it is a wonderful language and it's been pretty easy so far.

     And I just cannot get enough of fall. Fall, fall, fall. The rest of the universe seems to obsess over it as much as I do. It's all about fall and, ugh, halloween. I will not even capitalize that wretched name. For me, I love fall and PSL's as much as the next person, but for me fall holds other things as well. Memories.

    September 28 marked a year since sweet Mason died. It seems as though time has flown. I remember only too well that life changing day. And all the memories flood back to me of his funeral and all the time I spent with his siblings and ohhhhh the memories. They burn bright. They hurt. Oh I could rant about what happened last fall for too long. But I won't.

    Another new thing is that I've been part of protesting at Planned Parenthood. That place, it is a stronghold of Satan. From where I stand there, mere hundreds of feet away, I feel the darkness of that place. And I shudder. It's easy for Americans to ignore the evil of abortion when they sit in their nice, comfy living rooms. Not there. I see the women that go in, the armored truck that pulls up to Planned Parenthood to collect the blood money, and yes, I have even seen a man walk up with a cooler to receive the baby body parts. How can people be so naive to this horror. It is a nightmare. It terrifies me. We need God so badly in this country.

     Lastly, I want to tell you about my music fandom. There's so much to tell you about my life but I've probably bored you already. Anyway I'm super obsessed with music and I listen to it all the time and I got Spotify and yeah it's really awesome. I've been loving the songs :

Uncomfortable by Andy Mineo
Human by Manafest
Love Feels Like (feat. DC Talk) by Tobymac
Greater Is He by Blanca
I Found You by Anthony Evans
Be a King by Capital Kings
Into Your Arms by Capital Kings
Sweet Victory by Trip Lee
Take this City (feat. Joel of for KING AND COUNTRY) by Everfound
Dark Days, Darker Nights (feat. Britt Nicole) by Tedashii
You Will by Andy Mineo

My prayer for my life, for the situation at Planned Parenthood, for the presidential elections, for America, for the world is no other name than the name of Jesus be lifted high!!




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