My Wonderful Family

I know, again I am still setting the stage of my life. Maybe someday after 500 posts I will finally talk about current events. But today, you finally get to know about my awesome family. :-)
Yep. That's us. I kind of have an awkward pose but you know what, that's me so deal with it. 

Let's start with Dad. He's super awesome and although he jokes about how he's got one of the nerdiest faces no, he's quite good-looking. He is a hard worker and an even better dad.

See that awesome woman next to my dad. Sorry but I claim her as my mommy. Not yours! I also claim her as my teacher. She's been my schoolteacher since kindergarten and my teacher in life since way before that. She makes really good food too so be sure you invite yourself over on a night when she makes pulled pork in the crockpot. You might not leave cuz you'll probably die of its goodness.

Me. Well I already told you about me.

See that really handsome stud sitting directly next to my dad. Yep I'm actually related to him. Introducing my cool bro Caleb. He's got an eye for photography.

That cutie in the middle is also an awesome kid named Joshua. Stud #2 is a cool bro too. And by the way he can ace a one-handed cartwheel so watch out, Olympics. 

And let's not forget Charlie!!!!!
(pardon the fact that the picture is so blurry). Guess who lays around all day snuggled (or stretched out) in a corner while we are hard at work doing school? Yep, #lazylifeofcharlie 
He's the best dog ever. And while we sort of envy his easy life (not really cuz he has to eat dog food, bleh) it's nice that he's so easygoing.

But back to my family. I love them so much and I'm so glad God put me here with them. <3
One of our motto verses lately is from Romans 12 and it says:
Outdo one another in showing honor. 


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