Quiz About Me

Ok, so before I completely tell you about my whole life and every fact about me (just kidding, not happening) and before you know me too well I'm going to impose upon you a quiz about me. Leave your answers in the comment box. Answers will be given sometime in March ( not promising a specific date).

to make it easier some questions are multiple choice:

1. My favorite restaurant is:
a. On the Border b. Olive Garden c. Paradise Bakery d. McDonalds

2. I am..
a. the oldest b. the youngest c. middle child d. only child

3. My top 3 states to visit are ___, ___, & __ (the size of the spaces has nothing to do with the answer)

4. I hate Mexican food
a. True b. False c. Never had it d. I'm allergic to most Mexican food

5. My favorite video game is
a. Minecraft b. Clash of Clans c. Fruit Ninja d. Candy Crush

6. My personality is mostly ( I'm probably gonna misspell them)
a. Sanguin b. Phlegmatic c. Choleric d. Melancholy

7. I wear..
a. Mascara, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, and powder b. no makeup c. foundation, powder, concealer, blush, bronzer d. concealer, powder, Mascara

8. The color of my room is
a. blue b. purple c. light pink d. gray

9. I am...
a. 5 foot 2 3/4 inch b. 4 foot 11in c. 5 foot 5 1/3 inch d. 5 foot 4 inches

10. I have braces
a. True b. False c. I used to d. I'm getting them soon

Well that ends our quiz. Make sure you guess in the comments

    In other news, our kitchen is being ripped up right now. I guess more like put back together. In plain English I'm trying to tell you that we're getting our kitchen remolded. Today they are doing the sink and granite. I will have to post a picture of the finished product when it's done (not sure when that will be).

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  1. 1. c
    2. a
    3. Colorado, Calif, Mass
    4. b
    5. d
    6. a
    7. d
    8. b
    9. d
    10. a
    (this is Grammy, not Poppa)


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