March 2nd?

So...happy March!! Today we have rain!!!!

It's the kind of day where I feel like I should snuggle up with coffee (or tea) and nibble chocolate chips. But since we don't have chocolate chips (I don't think...) and my mom probably won't let me have coffee then well, scrap that IDEA.

I am considering if I have enough energy to make myself some tea.

Let's see, synopses of my weekend:

Friday night: watched Courageous with my dad. No, I didn't cry.

Saturday: Saturday sluggishness in the morning and a basketball game in the afternoon. My brothers' teams faced each other (brother war!). More sluggishness. (Hey, some of my family was sick so our excuse is legit. Well, I wasn't sick but I was lazy and oh nevermind, who says I can't be lazy on the weekend?) Oh, and I read some of the Two Towers from LOTR before bed.

Sunday: Got up super early as usual on Sundays. Went to church and enjoyed an awesome new song (You Make Me Brave). After church service we had our monthly potluck (Potluck Sunday is our most attended service of each month:) ). More laziness. Did some more lazy stuff. (One of which included LOTR). Then my friend invited me over and I stayed up super late at her house watching Big Hero 6 (for the first time).

So......that brings us to today. I can barely keep my eyes open I'm so tired from last night. Did school. iPod touch. Oh guess what?!?!?! I FINALLY BEAT THIS LEVEL IN CANDY CRUSH THAT I REALLY HATE! BEWARE OF LEVEL 91!!! I hope to get to bed early since I have to get up early for a class tomorrow morning ( why does this computer not have emojis? I would be using like 10 billion sleepy face emojis.)

But I have this weird feeling that today is important (the actual date, March 2nd). My mom feels the same. Hopefully we are not missing some appointment or someone's birthday or something. (Actually I do know someone who's birthday is today).

So please, if there is some holiday or something that you know of today or some reason you think I would randomly feel like I'm missing today, let me know.


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