This Is For Real

     This is for real. I think. So far. Maybe I can actually really be back for good.

     So…….hi:) Yeah. Ok Grace, you can do this.

     After that intensely boring intro I can finally begin. When did I last write besides a little earlier this week?

     So I told you about my vacation mishap. Oh and my summer was insanely boring. But despite that, life is good. God is good. Well, God is always good no matter what!

     So I changed my instagram account from @_bookworms_unite to @quotes_in.spire_ so now it's inspiring quotes, song lines, etc. (Be sure to go and follow -> ).

      Tonight our neighborhood is holding a movie night at the park. Let's just hope I don't get devoured alive by whatever mosquitos remain. I'm a real attraction to mosquitos but I'm sure you weren't dying to know that.

     Oh I started going to youth group in March. Actually it's tomorrow night so that should be fun. My friend baked these amazing looking cupcakes for tomorrow so that's always a bonus when they have good food. Good food, good friends, but most importantly, good God!

     Is there anything you're dying to know about me or my life? No promises that I'll answer any question you'll give me, but go ahead and give it a whirl and comment below.

     Today I had a science class. Our teacher is SO funny. He has the most evil laugh when he talks about explosions, fire, and playing with highly toxic elements from the periodic table (which he talks a lot about) so yeah, it's a super fun and interesting class. Ahahahahaha I'm still laughing inwardly about his personal dramatization of how carbon is recycled.

     So nothing super super major at the moment so I'll guess I'll say "peace out (-<)" here.

    Be blessed!


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