This month, err, um, last month, has been a whirlwind and I have so much to tell you. But where to start? Wow. Ok.

     I think I last posted sometime in October. Well I have been insanely busy and God has been insanely good!! (Well, God is always good).

     In the middle of November was my production week for my play. That was a very stressful and intense week and it was truly God who brought me through it.

      First of all, I was really stressed out about my show at the end of the week. I was desperately trying to stay healthy through it and praise God I didn't get sick!!

     Then my dog almost died. At two in the morning on Monday night, November 16, (well technically Tuesday) Charlie started having a seizure and my parents called the vet. Then after it was over he was fine for the rest of the night. (I was asleep through all of it).

     Tuesday morning my dad took Charlie to the vet. We didn't notice that Charlie was gone and I guess we assumed that he was sleeping in some corner. Then my dad came home and we asked why he was home and where he took Charlie. He told us about the seizure he had had the night before and that Charlie had gotten some tests. We just had to wait.

     That night everything seemed fine. I was sitting by the fire with a book. Then I heard Charlie collapse in the front room and my mom screamed that Charlie was seizing. We grabbed my dad and I ran to my room. I'm not one to watch those kind of things. It was terrifying though. I sobbed and cried out to God.

     Meanwhile in the front room Charlie kept going in and out of seizures, which is NOT GOOD. So my parents rushed him to the dog hospital. We kids were terrified and upset. We went over to our friends' house for a bit while my parents were at the hospital.

     Then about ten o'clock my parents came and picked us up. Charlie spent the night in the dog hospital. It was late and I was still shaking. I really had to trust in God. I was at rock bottom. I had to get up pretty early the next morning for rehearsal and I had been at rehearsal for a couple hours that day. God really came through for me. I had nothing but He was everything.

     Charlie was put on phenobarbital and was able to come home the next day (Wednesday). That was also my last dress rehearsal and I was a lot more confident about how our show was going to go. Charlie had a minor seizure that night but we think it was because the medicine was still kicking in. And since that day he has not had one more seizure.

    Friday night was the opening night of our show and it went better than I could have imagined. It was AMAZING!! The next day we had a matinee show and that didn't go as well but we made it work. (We only had two shows). Last Tuesday was the cast party.

     Last week my grandparents came to our house and spent Thanksgiving with us. We had a lot of fun. We had a ton of people over for Thanksgiving and it was a blast!!

     So these past couple of days we've been recovering. November was so crazy but God was so there for us and was my strength when I had none.

     Oh and we set up our Christmas decorations. I'm starting to get in the Christmas spirit. Some Christmas songs I've been loving are:
-Carol of the Bells by Family Force 5
-Christmastime Again by Mercyme
-Go Tell It on the Mountain by Mercyme
-What Child Is This [First Noel Prelude] by Francesca Battistelli
-Mary Did You Know by Kutless

 Well that's all for now!



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