Did you enjoy my awkward story last time? As Rhett and Link would say, "Don't let your awkward moments haunt you, celebrate them." 

      Last night some friends and I got together at my house and celebrated fall. We had a LOT of fun. 

      I'm so thankful for the friend that God gave me. I literally cannot express to you how much they mean to me. Good friends like what I have are a HUGE blessing and I recognize that it is God who orchestrates friendships and putting people in my life.

      How am I even supposed to express my love for the people in my life? I have the most amazing church family. A time that really stands out to me about how amazing they are is the day my cousin died. 

     I was broken. Crushed. Mason died on a Sunday morning and we received the news about 8:00 a.m. So I was really upset when I went to church. As I walked up to the church I took a deep breath, wiped my eyes, and tried not to cry. I hardly walked a couple of feet in the building when I was enveloped in hugs. Of course I lost it and just sobbed. 

      I still remember the tears in my friends' eyes, how they spent time just sitting and crying with me. That was over a year ago, but the memory, to this day, gives me chills and makes so thankful.

      These are people who have been changed by the love of Christ. 

      And of course, Jesus is the best of friends. To Him be all the glory!!!!!! If only the world knew the love of Christ. The world, if it and all of its entirety could see this post, oh who knows what they'd say! They'd say I was messed up or in some countries they would want me dead. Oh but if only they knew what the real love of Christ was!



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